Hostel in Uzhgorod, Ukraine

Five Flags Hostel

Cheap accommodation in the center of Uzhgorod

Welcome to Five Flags Hostel, the modern, newly opened hostel offering cheap accommodation in the center of Uzhgorod.

Five Flags is a quiet and peaceful place that welcomes travelers from all around the world.

We are located in the very heart of Uzhgorod – the pedestrian area adjacent to the central Theater Square. The Uzhgorod castle, the cozy cafés serving the famous Uzhgorod coffee, the beautiful old churches – it’s all here, within minutes of walking distance.

Here are 5 simple reasons to book your accommodation now:

  • Stay affordably in the center of Uzhgorod
  • Get inspired by a 12-century-old city
  • Enjoy the wine, sun and people of Zakarpattia, Ukraine’s western gateway
  • Dive into the diversity of this five-country, multilingual crossroads
  • Make a perfect stop on your way to/from Kyiv, Lviv, Mukachevo, Budapest, Bratislava or Kosice.

See you in Uzhgorod!

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