Getting from Košice (Slovakia) to Uzhgorod and Back

In the previous blog post, we talked about getting from Lviv to Uzhgorod. Today, we’ll discuss how to get from Uzhgorod to Košice (Slovakia) and vice versa.

The best way to get from Uzhgorod to Košice or back is by bus. (There’s a commuter train traveling between Chop and Čierna nad Tisou, Slovakia, from where you can get to Košice. But you have to get to Chop first, and then change trains, which is not really convenient.) Buses from Uzhgorod to Košice depart daily at 7:40 AM, 8:20 AM and 3:30 PM, and from Košice to Uzhgorod at 6:40 AM, 12:40 PM and 2:30 PM local time. Uzhgorod is just 100 km away from Košice but the trip will take you from 4 to 5 hours because of the time spent on the state border.

The current bus schedule can be obtained at Uzhgorod’s intercity bus station (tel. (03122) 3-21-27). You can also buy a ticket online on the Eurobus website. By the way, if you were unable to get a ticket to Kosice, you might as well get to Michalovce and take a bus to Košice from there.

You can also get to Košice from Uzhgorod by car. You’d better leave very early in the morning, though, so you don’t get to spend the whole day on the border . . . → Read More: Getting from Košice (Slovakia) to Uzhgorod and Back

How to Get from Lviv to Uzhgorod or Vice Versa

You can get from Uzhgorod to Lviv in about 5 hours

The Five Flags staff know that even if a guest didn’t arrive to Uzhgorod from Lviv or Košice, they will most probably travel to one of those cities afterwards. No wonder: Košice is the closest transport hub in the European Union, and Lviv is one of Ukraine’s most well-known landmarks that has lots of transport connections with the rest of the country. In this blog post, we’ll talk about how to get from Uzhgorod to Lviv and back.

The easiest and most convenient way to travel from Uzhgorod to Lviv is by commuter train with enhanced comfort No. 829/830. The train departs daily at 5:23 AM from Uzhgorod train station and arrives to Lviv at 10:43 AM. On the way back, the train departs from Lviv train station at 4:04 PM and arrives to Uzhgorod at 9:22 PM. Overall, the distance of 282 km is traveled in about five hours, which is not that bad considering that Lviv and Uzhgorod are separated by the Carpathian mounains.

When buying the tickets for the commuter train, you’ll be offered three comfort classes. In the third class, the passengers sit on metal benches facing each other. The second class offers comfortable individual seats with high backs as well as more leg . . . → Read More: How to Get from Lviv to Uzhgorod or Vice Versa

Uzhgorod Cheat Sheet: Where to Park, How to Change Your Money, What to See & More

In this post, we’ve compiled the questions about Uzhgorod that are most frequently asked by our hostel guests. Feel free to print this “cheat sheet” if you’re headed to Uzhgorod… And you can thank us later

1. Where can I park my car? Is it safe?

You can park your car for free by the “Edelveys” shopping mall, up the street from the hostel. Down the street from Five Flags, there’s also paid street parking on Koryatovycha Sq. (2 UAH flat fee). Uzhgorod is a quiet town so parking is safe.

2. Where can I change my currency?

At any bank. There’s a few of them right down the street from the hostel on Korzo St. and Koryatovycha Sq. Look for Universal Bank, Credit Agricole, Kredobank, Ukrsotsbank and others. All banks work with Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollars and euro. Exchange rates may not be as favorable for other currencies.

Currency exchanges at banks operate during normal business hours. Otherwise, there’s an exchange kiosk near Dastor supermarket on Sobranetska St. that’s open 24/7. That’s not exactly the city center, so you may want to take a taxi there.

You can also use any ATM to withdraw cash from your credit card in Ukrainian hryvnia.

3. Are there free Wi-Fi hotspots in the center?

There’s free Wi-Fi right in the hostel, . . . → Read More: Uzhgorod Cheat Sheet: Where to Park, How to Change Your Money, What to See & More

Five Flags’ Guestbook: Inca from the Netherlands

Sometimes it’s just so nice to receive comments like this one

Friday, July 22, 2011

It has befallen upon me, the honourable task of being the first person to write a passage in this memorable hostel’s guestbook.

In total I have spent 6 days and nights at the Five Flags Hostel in Uzhhorod. Honestly, I can say that after a while it started to feel like a home away from home. Be it the tranquility of the location and the hostel itself or the wonderful company I have enjoyed from its, at present time, only staff member Nadia. She has been an amazing hostess and another clear example of why the people of Uzhhorod, and the whole Transcarpathian region for that matter, are so easy to like and befriend.

I thank the Five Flags Hostel for its great facilities and outstanding service. And even though at the time of this first visit of mine it is still a very quiet and unknown hostel, it will become more popular in the future.

Yours faithfully,

Inca Cesar Bloemkolk, The Netherlands