Getting from Košice (Slovakia) to Uzhgorod and Back

In the previous blog post, we talked about getting from Lviv to Uzhgorod. Today, we’ll discuss how to get from Uzhgorod to Košice (Slovakia) and vice versa.

The best way to get from Uzhgorod to Košice or back is by bus. (There’s a commuter train traveling between Chop and Čierna nad Tisou, Slovakia, from where you can get to Košice. But you have to get to Chop first, and then change trains, which is not really convenient.) Buses from Uzhgorod to Košice depart daily at 7:40 AM, 8:20 AM and 3:30 PM, and from Košice to Uzhgorod at 6:40 AM, 12:40 PM and 2:30 PM local time. Uzhgorod is just 100 km away from Košice but the trip will take you from 4 to 5 hours because of the time spent on the state border.

The current bus schedule can be obtained at Uzhgorod’s intercity bus station (tel. (03122) 3-21-27). You can also buy a ticket online on the Eurobus website. By the way, if you were unable to get a ticket to Kosice, you might as well get to Michalovce and take a bus to Košice from there.

You can also get to Košice from Uzhgorod by car. You’d better leave very early in the morning, though, so you don’t get to spend the whole day on the border (yep, it can be that bad).

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14 comments to Getting from Košice (Slovakia) to Uzhgorod and Back

  • Karen

    I have taken the bus several times back and forth. The problem I had the last time was that when I was leaving Uzhorod to go back to Slovakia I did not have any Ukrainian money left – I only had Euros. There is no money exchange at the bus stop and they won’t take Euros or even a charge card.

    You can go there by car and yes early morning is the very best. However, you can’t rent a car in Slovakia and drive it across – at least you couldn’t the last time I checked. If someone knows any different I would love to know.

    And yes the time at the border is long. Longer going from Ukraine to Slovakia than Slovakia to Ukraine. Also I forgot — they don’t always turn on the air conditioning. When it was hot and I went by bus in 2008 I think and I asked the bus Slovak driver about the air conditioning – he said “what do you think we are going to Moscow?”

  • admin

    Thanks for sharing your experiences Karen! Hryvnias are the only legal tender in Ukraine, so yeah, you’d better make sure you have them to pay for the bus leaving from Uzhgorod :)

  • Patrick

    I’m planning to visit Mukachevo and Uzhgorod next month, thanks for this interesting thread. I usually take day hikes from the cities I stay in, is one of these more interesting in that respect (parks, mountains, nature places easy to reach?

  • admin

    Patrick, Mukachevo is closer to the center of the Transcarpathian region so some nature places are easier to reach from there. That said, there’s a lot to see in that regard close to Uzhgorod, too – Nevytsky castle, for example, or the beautiful lake at the nearby Andriivka (Andrashovtsi) village.

  • Barbara

    I want to go from Kosice to Uzhorod but on the eurobus-site there are only two buses: at 12:40 and 14:30. You wrote, that there/s a bus early in the morning – is this another bus company or does this bus not go anymore?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  • admin

    Hi Barbara, we’ve checked the Eurobus schedule for you and indeed, it’s two buses most of the days, the 12:40 and the 14:30 one. However, there’s an additional 6:40 bus on Saturdays that arrives to Uzhgorod at 9:35.

  • Alex

    I’ll be traveling to Uzghorod from Kosice on May 29th 2013, how ever my plane does not land untill 1400 hrs (2p.m.) I know there are two daily buses (eurobus)are there any additional means of transportation to Uzghorod od Chop after 1430? I would appreciate any suggestion…

  • admin

    Hi Alex, you can get from Kosice to Chop by train 609 which departs from Kosice at 20:10 and arrives to Chop at 00:30 local time. You’ll have to make a changeover in Cierna nad Tisou.

  • Alex

    Thank you very much for the info! is there a taxi service or marshrutka from Kosice to Uzghorod?

  • admin

    No problem, our pleasure. There are private transfer services between the cities but we’re not aware of any particular ones. Try searching online for “transfer Kosice Uzhgorod”.

  • Mägi

    Can you walk across the border?

  • admin

    There’s only one border crossing between Slovakia and Ukraine that can be crossed by foot, at Veľké Slemence ( The border crossing in Uzhgorod is cars and buses only. However, you could try and get a ride across the border with someone.

  • Ken

    Hello, I have reservation to stay at Five Flags in Užhorod the night of 13 September, arriving from Košice. Is the bus information still current as of this time in August/September 2013 regarding travel from Košice to Užhorod? I understand the border crossing can take a long time.

  • admin

    Hi Ken, it’s always best to check the current bus schedule on the Eurobus website: Border crossing times vary but the arrival time indicated by Eurobus is normally more or less accurate. We look forward to welcoming you at Five Flags!

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