“Beaujolais of Zakarpattia 2011” Festival to Take Place in Uzhgorod’s Wine Cellars

The "Beaujolais of Zakarpattia 2011" festivalThe old wine cellars built by the Rakoczi dynasty in the 18th century in the historical center of Uzhgorod will welcome this year’s guests of the “Beaujolais of Zakarpattia” festival.

The 5th festival of young wine will take place on the weekend of November 19th-20th and will be solely devoted to Transcarpathia’s young wines of the 2011 harvest. The wines will be available for purchase starting at 40 UAH per liter.

Also, for just 50 UAH, you’ll get a chance to purchase a special wine glass with the festival’s logo engraved on it. Along with the glass, you’ll receive a special voting card that you’ll be able to award to the maker of your favorite wine at the festival. In return, you’ll be able to claim 1 liter free from them. At the festival’s closing ceremony, the best winemaker who has collected the most voting cards will be announced.

It’s not just the wine that you’ll be able to get at the festival. Don’t miss out on the famous red paprika from the village of Dobron’, or the cheese from the Seliska creamery known throughout all of Ukraine. And of course, you’ll be able to taste various national dishes at the festival, such as the rich, steamy bogrács (bograch). A number of Ukraine’s folk bands will perform, too, notably the Rock-H band with the festival’s official song called “Vinko chervenoye”.

Don’t miss this celebration of young wine in Uzhgorod!

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