Confectionery Masterpieces in Transcarpathia, or Sweet Tooth’s Paradise

Up till recently, the village of Kosyno (Koson’) in Berehove county was known among Transcarpathians primarily for its thermal baths, notably the Shoshto-Thermal recreational complex. Now there’s one more association to add to the list: the sweets.

It’s all due to the “Hermina” confectioner’s shop that was opened in the very center of Kosyno in early 2013. The complex includes the confectionery itself as well as a restaurant, which is expected to open its doors in May.

The choice of confectioneries in Hermina is truly impressive. The owners made it a point to pay the dues to the confectionary culture of the former Austrian-Hungarian empire. You can try the Viennese Sachertorte, the Hungarian Dobos or Eszterhazi cakes, the traditional Slovenian crème cake, and many more. There’s also in-house specials such as the Hermina cake, as well as the cakes based on the contemporary recipes from the Zila confectionery house in Hungary.

In addition to the cakes, there’s also a variety of pastries to try at Hermina. The prices of 6 to 10 UAH per piece makes them totally affordable even for the most budget-conscious traveller. In summertime, Hermina is expected to treat its visitors with real Italian ice cream.

So if you’re going to Kosyno to spend a relaxing weekend dipping in the thermal baths, don’t forget to drop by Hermina for a cup of excellent Transcarpathian coffee and a piece of cake or two. It’s definitely worth it!

Hermina confectionery, Bocskai St. 1, Kosyno, Berehove country (Zakarpattia region).

How to get there: From Uzhgorod to Berehove by bus (70 km), then by bus to Kosyno (20 km), or by car. Buses to Berehove leave from the Uzhtorod bus station regularly.

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