Where to have a lunch in Uzhgorod for 5 euros

Столик в кафе «Бюргер»

The art of table serving in the Bürger cafe

It’s probably true that when visiting a new city, every tourist strives not only to see the local landmarks but also taste the traditional food of the region, and to do it without their wallet taking a big hit. So where can you have a lunch in Uzhgorod while spending around, or at least not substantially more than 5 euros (50 UAH) per person?

The first place in this improvised contest rightfully goes to the Vertep restaurant that is located in the very center of the city at 13 Korzo St. You can easily end up spending more than 50 UAH for the huge variety of the delicious food in this venue, but having a tasty lunch that doesn’t leave you hungry for less than that is definitely possible, too.

Among the first courses offered in Vertep, there’s the traditional Ukrainian borsch (the red beet soup), chicken soup, bograch (meat soup, served here in a plate made of dark bread), as well as solyanka (thick, spicy, sour soup traditional for Russian and Ukrainian cuisine). They cost 18, 15, 25 and 24 UAH accordingly. A cabbage or a horseradish salad will cost you 9 UAH for a 200 g serving.

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Enjoying Uzhgorod Coffee


The history of coffee in Transcarpathian covers more than 5 centuries, and over this time, the locals have taken the art of coffee brewing to perfection. There are many cities in Ukraine with lots of nice coffee shops, but Uzhgorod remains one of the leaders. And that’s definitely not the case when quality is sacrificed for quantity. There is a saying: “Lviv is famous for its coffee shops but Uzhgorod is famous for its coffee”. Lvivers aren’t quick to recognize this, but only until they actually try the Uzhgorodian coffee. It’s no use to describe it; you might as well try to draw love or to sing a dream.

While walking in the center of Uzhgorod, you’re sure to smell that magical coffee aroma coming from the small cafés located along your way. You could drop by any of them and you won’t make a mistake. Excellent coffee is served in the Medelin chain (5a Koryatovycha sq. and others), Korado (24 Voloshyna St. – just across the street from the hostel), Antresol (1a Koryatovycha sq.), Hirchychne zerno (in the same named pass). All these coffee shops are located in the center of the town so you won’t have to spend a lot of time looking for them. Good coffee is also served in more expensive venues such as Lychee (68 . . . → Read More: Enjoying Uzhgorod Coffee